CORONAVIRUS: Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation gilt in unseren Kliniken ab 13. März 2020 ein Besuchsverbot. Bei Krankheitssymptomen kommen Sie bitte nicht sofort ins Krankenhaus, sondern wählen zuerst die Gesundheitshotline 1450. x

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Treatment from foreign patients

Klinikum Klagenfurt is a specialist hospital under public law. Its prime mission is the provision of health care and medical treatment for the people of Carinthia as defined in the Carinthian Provincial Hospital Scheme.  

We are also happy to provide our medical care services for patients from abroad to the extent this is possible and subject to reimbursement of costs.

Prior to assessing what treatment steps are required we need to receive a declaration from your health insurer confirming that they will assume the costs (form S2/E112). An advance payment of 100% of the costs to be expected must be made.

Please submit a detailed description of your illness (diagnosis, findings, etc.) and the precise data to enable us to prepare a preliminary cost estimate.